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Submission Guidelines

Machines Like Us is among the most unique and innovative websites on the internet. Our readers know that when they visit MLU, they will learn about the latest scientific developments in a clear and concise manner. In keeping with our principles, we accept article and interview submissions from anyone who can add desirable content to our pages.

We do have some simple, common sense rules:

1) Please keep your submissions on-topic.

2) Formatting:

a) Please submit all pieces in a MS Word document, with no fancy formatting or fonts. Times New Roman 12 point is preferred.

b) Do not indent. Use double returns between paragraphs.

c) Do not use bullets on your lists.

d) Do not use HTML tags in your piece, except for embedded links. If you would like to submit your piece already formatted in HTML, send us an HTML document.

3) Please include a short (one small paragraph) bio with your piece, and include an email address to which you would like us to respond. If you have a website, please include its address as well.

4) Always link to sources. If you make a statement that is not common knowledge, especially when siting statistics, you must back it up with a link. Please embed links like this, rather than type them like this: .

5) If you wish to interview a scientist, researcher, teacher, or other professional on behalf of Machines Like Us, please contact us before the interview, inform us of your intent, and request a copy of our interview guidelines.

6) Please title your submissions. We may decide to change it at time of publication, but at least we'll have something to begin with.

7) Please let us know whether or not your piece is an original submission. We prefer them to be original, but we will reprint exceptional pieces. Machines Like Us does not pay for most submitted articles. If you expect payment, please let us know at the time you make the submission so that we can come to an agreement.

8) If your submission is rejected, please don't stop trying. Acceptance depends on a variety of factors, including timelines, style, and any number of editorial requirements of the moment that may not necessarily reflect on your writing style.

9) If you have submitted a piece and haven't heard back from us in a reasonable amount of time, feel free to enquire with another email.

We look forward to receiving your submission.