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Russians claim to have built McFadden-style EM field consciousness hardware

February 13, 2008

Researchers at the experimental physics department of Ural University of Physics and technology have developed the necessary hardware components for an “electromagnetic consciousness” based on the CEMI (consciousness electromagnetic information field) theory of Johnjoe McFadden.

Scientists at the Russian think tank created a model of neural network on neurons (EM (electromagnetic) neurons) with additional channels for information exchange via electromagnetic field and patented it (patent No. 2309457 “Neural field model”).

Channels for interaction by electromagnetic field are implemented in an original construction of neural axons, resembling a chain of in-series radio-frequency pulse self oscillators with self-quenching circuits and radio-pulse envelope separators. The concept of EM neurons is nearly the same as that described in McFadden’s CEMI theory, but with one exception: the mechanism of EM field information exchange between neurons is different. These engineered neurons have much in common with their biological counterparts and correspond with typical neurological patterns of behavior.

The issue of spontaneous generation of consciousness in networks with this type of architecture remains open, however, as research is ongoing.

Source: via Russia InfoCentre.

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