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Paper: Subjective Reality and Strong Artificial Intelligence

February 4, 2013

The main prospective aim of modern research related to Artificial Intelligence is the creation of technical systems that implement the idea of Strong Intelligence. According our point of view the path to the development of such systems comes through the research in the field related to perceptions. Here we formulate the model of the perception of external world which may be used for the description of perceptual activity of intelligent beings. We consider a number of issues related to the development of the set of patterns which will be used by the intelligent system when interacting with environment. The key idea of the presented perception model is the idea of subjective reality. The principle of the relativity of perceived world is formulated. It is shown that this principle is the immediate consequence of the idea of subjective reality. In this paper we show how the methodology of subjective reality may be used for the creation of different types of Strong AI systems.

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