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iPhone 5 will be about software and artificial intelligence

April 14, 2012

Forget about big screens, big processors, and release dates. Focus on what’s really big: software that can, yes, change our lives.

“But for as much as the speculation over the iPhone 5 is heavily focused on screens and release dates, I think that, in the end, Tim Cook’s iPhone 5 pitch will be mostly about how the iPhone 5 will change our lives,” intones Michael Nace, at the iPhone5NewsBlog.

So, how will it change our lives, you ask. Let’s start first with NFC, near field communications, the short-range radio link that is used in contactless mobile payments.

“Recently, rumors of NFC for the iPhone 5 have waned,” Nace says. “But I believe that Apple is ready to move on this technology, and if they do, it will quickly become a defining feature.”

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