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Debunking homeopathy

by Mano Singham Story Source March 7, 2013

Deepak Gupta (under no circumstances could you, or should you, confuse him with the notorious Deepak Chopra!) is based in India and is the founder of the website Savvy Skeptic. He is in the process of raising funds to distribute and market a documentary that debunks homeopathy, a practice that has quite a following in India.

His efforts have been praised by Dr. Steven Novella writing at the James Randi Educational Foundation who says:

Here is one skeptical effort that needs our support now: Deepak Gupta (not Chopra) is the founder of He is producing a documentary film on homeopathy that will actually reflect reality. An indiegogo campaign is underway to provide some funding for distribution and marketing – please visit his page and take a look, and consider becoming a supporter, and also help spread the word.

In a email to me, here is what Gupta says he needs:

  1. Material Support – He is trying to raise $5000 to invest in distribution, PR activities, press releases, public outreach etc and will be investing his own money as well to make this documentary. You can make contributions on Indiegogo and earn some perks.
  2. Getting the word out – Please share the Indiegogo page with friends via Email/Facebook/Twitter.
  3. Moral support – Few words of encouragement will help a lot to encourage him that he is doing something good.

He has shot a video and posted it on YouTube.