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Adaptive A.I. Inc. launches commercial AGI-based virtual agent for call centers

January 19, 2009

Adaptive A.I. Inc. has released the first commercial product based on its artificial general intelligence (AGI) technology under development since 2001. It is a virtual operator for call centers that promises to propel speech-based interactive voice response (IVR) systems to much higher levels of performance.

Known as the SmartAction™ IVR System, it is being sold and supported by a2i2’s recently formed commercial subsidiary, the Smart Action Company LLC.

The system is based on a2i2’s LiveAGI™ engine. Its integrated language processing, reasoning, memory, and knowledge-base capabilities allow it to hold smart, productive conversations. The LiveAGI brain manages conversation flow, meta-cognitive state (such as mood, degree of certainty and surprise), and determines when clarification or live-agent assistance is needed. Its built-in intelligence also allows the system to be taught new skills and knowledge, instead of these having to be custom programmed. Existing skills include email, as well as web and database interaction.

To achieve beyond state-of-the-art voice interaction, top of the line speech-recognition technology is tightly integrated with the AGI brain to provide bi-directional benefits: The speech engine is dynamically tuned to current conversation context, while the cognitive engine analyzes multiple speech hypotheses for the most likely meaning and resolves ambiguities.
These innovations combine to provide solutions that significantly reduce the number of routine – and frequently boring and poorly handled -- calls taken by human agents while improving customer service levels. In addition to providing expected IVR capabilities such as 24/7 availability, consistent service quality, and the capacity to handle surges in call traffic, the SmartAction IVR System offers personalized responses by remembering the caller’s preferences, previous calls and other relevant data. Applied over multiple calls, callers don’t have to answer the same questions every time they call. If a call is interrupted, the system can call the customer back and pick up the conversation where it left off.

The company offers the SmartAction IVR System both as a hosted service and an in-house hardware-software turnkey solution. A web-based chat version is also available.
The ultimate purpose of a2i2’s LiveAGI Brain is to enable a major transformation of human-computer interfaces for a broad range of applications, such as websites, search engines, console and online games, virtual worlds, enterprise software, and consumer products. The company is currently researching and developing these applications, and under certain conditions will consider creating commercial versions in the near term.

About Adaptive A.I., Inc.

Adaptive A.I. Inc. was founded in 2001 with the mission of researching, developing and commercializing far-reaching inventions in artificial general intelligence. Its founder, Peter Voss, has an accomplished career as an entrepreneur, inventor, engineer and scientist. His contributions to artificial general intelligence cover the fields of cognitive science, philosophy and theory of knowledge, psychology, intelligence and learning theory, and computer science.

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